Alexa Gates 

January 2020

Alexa had the strongest campaign for captor of the month yet.  Capture fitness advocates for making decisions and manifesting.  Alexa decided this was her month and there is no doubt it will be her year also.  18 Strength training sessions and 8 guests this month.  By far her biggest attendance month and it shows in her walk.  She combined her captor campaign with a cleanse so her body was primed for progress.  No turning back.

Trev Run 

February 2020

Our first repeat captor.  The criteria for repeating increases and Trevor did it by reaching 20 sessions this month and brought the bike back out for the warmer months and is ready to conclude his first year 60lbs lighter and a lifetime of confidence better. Keep drippin'.


March 2020

In a tough month, Syd stayed consistent, started strong, and stayed locked in until we were locked out.  Syd is not only the definition of consistency but also resilience.  She has continued to achieve over her time with Capture and was able to secure a position as a flight attendant, and the legs that coveted flight attendant strut.  Syd is reaching new heights and becoming more in tune with her body and pushing to new heights.  Let's do it again

Tess Gentile

April 2020

Tessie is such a trooper.  She has been with Capture for over a year and has fought through so much.  It is only fitting that she earned Captor of the Month in a pandemic.  We had to transition to mobile workouts and Tessie with the broken toe didn't miss a beat.  She came and borrowed weights and has been a regular on all the live sessions.  Stay after it!

Grace Yinger 

May 2020

Another repeat and another Quarantine Standout.  Grace and all of her pets have been on the lives getting it in!  Of course she was still late on the logins, only right.  Grace took control of her cardio also and was out in these streets.  She is a whole new person.  Her posture is different from strength of mind and body.  At this point she is now in better shape than the cliche high school, so now we can dial in on being better than ever.  LFG

Andrea 'D1' Roach  

June 2020

Andrea tapped in with Capture Fitness in February shortly after she moved to Indianapolis.  Her energy and vibe are unmatched and unreplaceable.  Andrea is a personal training client as well as the group strength training.  She hit all 4 personals and 14 group sessions.  Over our time together we have grown with having a healthy relationship with working out and nutrition.  There is no room for crazy when you're consistent.

Sanchit Sharma 

July 2020

This feels like a long time coming but this was finally the time to give Sanchit his shine.  He's been locked in for over a year now.  There was a lot of resistance when we first started but we grew to work together.  The quarantine brought out his love for legs, and it helped him grow posturally and in total strength.  He's noticed that many others in the gym have finally caught the cardio bug and he is joining with the intention of finally getting proper abs.  Make it happen!

Mike Onuorah

August 2020

Long way for this guy.  First and foremost he is more punctual than ever, still late sometimes.  He gets himself scheduled now.  Very proud of his return to true athlete status.  Mike can dunk again, and he ran 30 miles over the month.  He's a gym guy now