Captor of the Month


Grace Yinger

January 2019

Grace has been a member of Capture Fitness since opening. She has goals of building her core strength and a body that she feels good and confident in. In the month of January Grace did 8 personal training sessions and 12 group strength classes. She has lost 30+ lbs and counting! Keep up the good work Grace!


Sydnee Summerville

February 2019

Sydnee Joined Capture Fitness in January with a goal of working out 4 days each week. Since then she caught the bug and only missed 4 days in February (we’re closed on Sunday). She has consistently hit 6 workouts a week and prides herself on motivating ladies on what is possible while also humbling men that think they’re strong.

Uzoamaka Aniagba M.D.

March 2019

Dr. Aniagba joined Capture Fitness in February and never looked back. Her strength and muscle endurance has yet to plateau. She just concluded medical school and will do her residence back home in Brooklyn, NY. Her hard work is hardly matched as she completed 21 group strength sessions in March, and is always a go to example when someone mentions their lack of time for their health.


Melissa Rodriguez

April 2019

Melissa Joined Capture Fitness in January 2019. She is out to show herself how much she is capable of. Along the journey thus far Melissa is down 40lbs and is easily one of the strongest people we have at Capture. Her positive energy and relentless dedication is infectious. In April she hit 23 sessions! Success leaves clues and it’s no wonder she’s getting results. Never look back Ms. rrrrrrrRodriguez!