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…a vision to offer a welcoming, convenient, and supportive gym for Indianapolis residents. The trainers are excited to meet with individuals one-on-one to create workout and nutrition plans to meet fitness goals. Group workout sessions and gym memberships are also available to fit your schedule. Whether you want to improve your health, get fit, or build muscle, Capture Fitness has a program to get you there.



Our mission is to provide every client with a goal-based, customized experience focused on muscle balance and metabolic efficiency that will empower them with life-enhancing fitness.


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Receive focused attention with 45-60 minute guided strength training and corrective exercise from a series of 8-week personalized programs. Sessions are designed to provide muscle balance and life-enhancing fitness while measuring results along the way to capturing all of your health goals. Programs are accompanied by nutrition schedule and biweekly updates on nutrition and progress. ALL Personal training packages come with unlimited group strength training at no additional cost so you stay in control and personally accountable to your fitness goals. 

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45-60 minute interval style classes that are scalable to all fitness levels and designed to improve overall strength, muscle endurance, and conditioning. They use a combination of strength training and aerobic training to provide a challenging workout that meets all of your exercise needs. Exercise selection is dynamic to avoid any staleness or boredom with exercises. Classes are capped at 10 to ensure that everyone is encouraged by name, often, and also kept safe and observed easily. 

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Meal Planning

We offer detailed customized meal planning.  All meal plans are cleared through a registered dietician. Together we determine your nutritional needs and put together a plan that we can track together real-time to ensure maximum results! 

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Get in the best shape of your life. We're ready to hear your goals and create a plan that works for you! 


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Great location and training. When it comes to strength and conditioning Earl is as good as it gets strongly recommend you check this place out if you are ready to reach your fitness goals.

Elliott Hein

The energy and passion make this judgement-free gym an absolute GEM to the city! This place is going places!

Timothy Bowen

Just one session has me motivated to get back on track towards my fitness goals, highly recommend checking this place out.

Matthew James

I love my gym! Earl motivates you to go above and beyond what you can do. I can personally be the biggest wimp there is, and he still sticks with me. And my personal training plan is customized to my fitness goals, so there's no cookie cutter solution. He makes time for you - a HUGE factor in my decision. This community is awesome

Grace Yinger

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