The Importance of Working with Educated Trainers

Sep 10, 2020


So many people have a gym membership these days. And, there are lots of health and fitness tools out there, from fitness and nutrition apps on mobile devices and streaming exercise classes to FitBits and other wearable electronic tracking tools. Many people fancy themselves fitness coaches and have ‘tricks’ they claim will meet your health goals. Based on these, it can be tough to know you’re getting the right kind of workout and nutrition for your body and you’re most likely not getting your desired result. Everyone has a unique body and has specific needs. Different goals require different training programs.


Are you making the most out of the affordable health and fitness options available?

If you’re not working with an educated trainer, then the answer is a resounding “no”. Weekly or monthly one-on-one sessions with an educated trainer could not only be the missing piece to a productive workout, it could also be key to progressing towards your long-term health and fitness goals. Below are some things to keep in mind if you’re considering taking the next step towards a healthier lifestyle and want to work with someone knowledgeable who can help.


Just because a person has lost weight or done a bodybuilding show does not make them a personal trainer, nutritionist, or dietician

It’s important to understand your abilities to avoid the risk of injuries

Crash dieting or unnecessary cuts are not a sustainable solution to healthy living

Spending money on a “coach” is likely a waste of your resources

Knowing why you follow a workout or nutrition strategy is more valuable than what you are actually doing to accomplish your goals


Educated trainers practice what they preach and have the knowledge to help others.

Understanding the intricacies of the human body, how it moves, what it’s capable of, and how to manage health is a learned skill that takes significant hours of education. Those who study this earn degrees and certifications because of the time and dedication they have put into understanding it. True knowledge about health and fitness is learned and requires experience. It’s not something that and be made up and cannot be learned overnight. Educated trainers live healthy lives because they understand the intricacies of a healthy diet and workout routine and they apply those habits daily. A personal trainer will evaluate your situation, your body and individual goals to develop and train you on how to change your individual habits so you can work towards a healthy lifestyle.

Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the knowledge an educated and qualified trainer can offer?

Perhaps you think hiring a personal trainer is too costly. In actuality it is affordable and in many cases includes gym membership and access to the equipment you need. When you consider the setback that could occur if you’re not on the right track, working with an educated trainer is invaluable. An educated trainer will develop a routine health plan based on your individual needs. It’s your life and it’s your body. Knowing why you eat and workout the way you do will provide healthy benefits for years to come!