Health & Fitness Lies + The Truth to Move Forward

Jan 21, 2019



If you’re like a lot of Americans, you set fresh health and fitness goals at the start of a new year. As 2019 settles in, maybe you have found yourself asking: ‘Why is commitment so tough?’ or ‘Is my New Year’s resolution setting me up for failure?’ In the Midwest, it can be easy to blame the winter weather but there are a slew of other lies we tell ourselves making it hard to get started on the right track for heath and fitness.

Here are some of the statements that may come to mind when folks think about their health and fitness goals. These are also, perhaps, some of the biggest lies that hold us back.

“I’ll start training, exercising, and eating healthy tomorrow or next Monday.”

“It will take twenty-one days to start a healthy lifestyle habit.”

“I can skip one day in my schedule and I’ll pick right back up after that.”

“I’m too busy/old/tired/etc. to start healthy habits now.”

Here’s the truth.

It is easy to tell yourself that you’ll start later but the time is now. And note that the ‘now’ statement is true for any goal you have that you are genuinely trying to achieve. As mentioned in the lies above, we have been led to believe it takes 21 days to adopt a new habit when the truth is that it actually takes six to twelve months. to develop and maintain a new habit. Don’t set yourself up to fail by believing false statements in regards to your health and fitness. Habits are developed over time by developing routines that work with your lifestyle. When it comes to health and fitness it can be easy to ‘reward yourself’ with unhealthy habits. Whether it is a favorite treat or skipping a workout, anything that doesn’t contribute to your wellness goals breaks the constructive changes in the habit you’re working towards. Skipping a day makes it harder to stay on track. It is easy to come up with excuses that are limiting and holding you back. Rather, challenge yourself! Stick to it and choose to make it happen.

Move forward now.

One of the best ways to manage your health and fitness is to develop SMART goals. Know the goals. Put steps in place to achieve and maintain those goals. And, move forward without hesitation or delay in a direction that will make a meaningful difference. If you don’t have specific health and fitness goals, reach out to a knowledgeable trainer. Setting the right goals and knowing how to move towards reaching them matters for each individual’s lifestyle. And, it will be more manageable to work towards health and fitness goals if you know what you’re actually after and how to achieve it.