Gym Intimidation: Get Over It!

Jan 25, 2019


Working out and managing one’s health should be a natural occurrence but sometimes our minds control our actions in negative ways. These negatives can hold us back from personal growth and keep us from reaching our full potentials. Making the decision to work towards a healthier lifestyle and developing a workout regimen to ‘get fit’ is important but actually making that happen can be tough if you allow emotions to hinder progress.

What is holding you back?

It is likely that every day you will see social media posts and photos of others who you perceive as fit and beautiful. Maybe you allow those thoughts to affect your self esteem making it hard to get yourself to the gym and manage a workout routine. Fear is the core emotion in this situation but the reality is that there is little cause for it. People at the gym are there to focus and better themselves not to judge you or others sharing the space and equipment. If you get anxiety when you think about going to the gym, this is the first challenge for you to overcome. Don’t allow what others are doing, or what you perceive them to be doing, to negatively influence your workout. When it comes to working out, consider all the factors that make people unique: body type and makeup, age, gender, genetics, nutritional restrictions, fitness goals, or limiting injuries. Choose first to be mentally strong and know that focusing on fears will only hold you back.

Challenge yourself!

Maybe the thing holding you back could be easily turned around by consciously changing your mindset. Develop and stick to a routine that gets you on track to not only overcome your ‘gym intimidation’ but to also get excited about achieving your own fitness goals. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing—or better yet, encourage your peers as they progress and likely you will find that they will also encourage you too! Even if you don’t think it’s pretty, maybe posting your own progress will help. The encouragement from others may be the support you need to power through tough days. Workouts are not supposed to be glamorous, but the hard work, sweat, and determination is necessary to achieve a healthy, fit life.


You can do it. Start now!

So, if the idea of going to the gym intimidates you, know that you’re not alone. Not only are you not alone in that fear, but you are not alone when you go to the gym to work out! There are many others with their own fitness goals at the gym as well as educated trainers who are there for you. They want to help you develop realistic goals, keep you on track, and help you progress towards the healthy lifestyle you are capable of! Get over your gym intimidation and start getting on track towards your fitness goals today.