Personal Training

Receive focused attention with 45-60 minute guided strength training and corrective exercise from a series of 8 week personalized programs. Sessions are designed to provide muscle balance and life enhancing fitness while measuring results along the way to capturing all of your health goals. Programs are accompanied by nutrition schedule and biweekly update on nutrition and progress. ALL Personal training packages come with unlimited group strength training at no additional cost so you stay in control and personally accountable to your fitness goals.


group strength training

45-60 minute interval style classes that are scalable to all fitness levels and designed to improve overall strength, muscle endurance, and conditioning. They use a combination of strength training and aerobic training to provide a challenging workout that meets all of your exercise needs. Exercise selection is dynamic to avoid any staleness or boredom with exercises. Classes are capped at 10 to ensure that everyone is encouraged by name, often, and also kept safe and observed easily.


Nutrition Counseling

Receive weekly email updates containing everything you need to know about your progress and includes opportunities for questions, cardio recommendations and supplement recommendations. All programs are macronutrient (fats, carbs, protein) based rather than meal plan based. We do however offer onsite meals prepared by Herculean Meal Prep.