Resolutions for a Healthy Lifestyle & Sticking to It

There’s always the opportunity to get more fit and make healthier choices. When New Year’s hits many make workout resolutions but a low percentage tend to stick to it. Generally, less than 10% of people manage to maintain their resolutions and make real lifestyle changes they want.

If you’ve made fitness resolutions in the past and let them slide, don’t fail yourself in 2019. Skipping just one workout makes it easier to skip the next one (and the one after that). Here are some basic things to consider that will help get you geared up for managing your health, fitness, and workouts.

  1. Join a regular class, set a workout schedule, and stick to it.

  2. Be more active throughout your day (e.g. take the stairs rather than the elevator or take a parking spot in the back of the lot.)

  3. Make healthy nutrition choices and track your food intake.

  4. Seek the support you need from an educated trainer who wants to help you succeed.

  5. Work to break bad habits and resist the urge to backtrack.

  6.  Set health goals, track milestones, and maintain them.

Challenge yourself and push yourself to better manage your health. An active gym community that is accessible, knowledgeable, and supportive is one of the best ways to stick to your resolution. Surround yourself with others who are energetic and excited about fitness. It will energize you to move forward and keep the momentum going!


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Earl Sims