The Gift of Health

The holidays are times to be thankful for friends, family, and what we’ve got. For those who have it, good heath is something to be thankful for year-round, year-over-year. And while Christmas makes us think of giving gifts, health is a gift that not everyone has. Those who are healthy should consciously maintain their health and those who want to be healthier can take steps to improve.

If you have a regular workout routine and healthy nutritional habits, try to maintain them throughout the holiday. If you don’t have a regular routine to manage your health there are options available that can be built into your lifestyle. A personal trainer can help!

In fact, this holiday season Buff Santa is visiting Capture Fitness to help visitors through their workouts! Stop by at 9am on 12/22 for a free workout with Buff Santa as your trainer or stop by for any Holiday Workout.


Donate Shoes & Socks…

Bring a pair of shoes and socks to donate to Outreach Indy working with The Global Culture #TgCShoeDrive2019 and workout for free on 12/22.

Wishing you, your friends, and family a healthy holiday!

Earl Sims